Week 4: Aesthetics, Design, and Branding

The Do's and Don'ts Creating a website could be a difficult task for some people. There are a variety of options and designs to choose from. Everyone wants their website to look amazing and show their consumers what they have to offer. Sometimes, with so much going on, a person can lose their idea of what their aesthetic is. Creating a perfect website means that there is a cohesiveness between your brand, aesthetic, and design. Let’s examine 4 websites to look at which websites need improvement and which ones are more appealing to their visitors and customers. Two websites that have potential problems for their visitors are Penny Juice and Jami Lin. Two websites that seem to be doing well are Head Hunter Hairstyling and Apple. Things not to do. . . First, let’s take a look at the Penny Juice website. This website is a prime example of a website that has too little. On their home page, they offer little information about their product, but already have an “Order Now” button. The…

Week 2 - Part 1: Social Media Platforms

There is a variety of social media platforms and each one can be geared towards different uses. Whether someone wants to post pictures, connect with friends and family, market their business, or do all of the above, there’s a social media platform for everyone. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter are a few of the many social media outlets people can utilize. Before creating a page, you should ask yourself what you would like to use the platform for.
Social media platforms that I believe are geared more towards personal use are Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. I believe this because of my own personal experience. I use all three of these platforms to connect with friends and family, as well as find things that interest me or that I can relate to. I can share photos with my family in the Philippines and my best friends in Virginia and Florida. I can also personally chat with my family in the Philippines for free.
When looking at a business perspective, many o…

Week 1A: Template Theme

Decision making is one of the hardest things for me to do. Do I want pasta for dinner or sushi? Both choices sound pretty tasty right now, so how can I decide?I can be a very indecisive person when given a variety of options to choose from. Choosing a template theme for my blog was no different. Where do I begin? How do I choose something that is uniquely me when there are premade templates for everyone?
    I actually went through a whole process before choosing my blog template theme. I know you’re thinking it’s not that serious – right? Well I wanted to make sure the template spoke to who I am as a person and I could vibe with the colors. First, I came up with what I felt like would represent me as an individual. I wanted something neat with a little bit of spunk. Not too much to overwhelm my viewers. Next, I wanted something with color; not too plain, but not too bold. Lastly, I clicked on a few choices to preview and finally chose one that spoke to me.
   I ended up choosing th…